St Kevins Way, Glendalough

Having asked directions, looked at Google maps and planned our route, we set out at 6.20 am so as to have time to park and hike to our destination. Alas this was not to be!!! We parked and then hiked for at least an hour and were very disappointed that we did not find our desired destination. However upon mature reflection we rethought the directions and finally arrived at St Kevins Way, Glendalough. This is a Weir on a beautiful stretch of Paradise and I am delighted to add it to my collection of ‘water feature’ images…enjoy.



IMG_9983 copy



2 thoughts on “St Kevins Way, Glendalough

  1. A beautiful photograph Pat. Even the misdirection did not hinder the eventual successful outcome which made that ‘extra’ mile all the more important.

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