‘Lost at sea’ Memorial garden to those lost at sea, Kilmore Quay, Wexford

The ‘Vigil Sculpture’ by Ciaran O’ Brien located near Forlorn Point and overlooking the area aptly named “The Graveyard Of A Thousand Ships” is part of the ‘memorial garden’ dedicated to those lost at sea. The sculpture depicts a couple doing a vigil…waiting..and looking out to sea…waiting for news of their family and loved ones who are at sea and not returned.

This image was taken at sunset and the lovely colours that are cast over the sky and few remaining clouds caught my eye and below is the result.

This memorial garden in Kilmore Quay is dedicated to ‘those lost at sea’ and the sculpture depicts a couple waiting patiently for news of their loved ones.

Also in the Memorial Garden is this anchor and with the sun setting on he horizon it makes a very beautiful image.


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